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About Casey Printers

Casey is a former Professional Quarterback in both the CFL and NFL where he played for 10 years. He took his skills with football and brought them to the arts where he was a producer, writer, director, and actor. After shooting several of his own projects, Casey began to be pulled to produce content for eCommerce stores. Because of the rise in social media, many companies where interested in the idea of storytelling to sell their products. 

Casey formed King Printers Media to fully engage brands interested in scaling their companies. “We at Kind Printers Media understand storytelling, when we mix that with companies who have a product, we can effectively communicate with the consumer. After all, everybody loves a great story”. 



 D-ROB has trained the best receivers in the NFL. His hands on approach comes from a skilled background where he played wide receiver on both high school and the collegiate level.

D-Rob attributes his results from a deep understanding of the position. Having played at a very high level, D-Rob often fixes wide receivers issues within a few visits making him the go to specialist on any playing level.


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